Teaching staff

Headteacher Mr D Lees
Extended Leadership Team Mrs S Robbins (School Administration Manager)
Mr R Battle – Progress and Standards
Miss E Isaac – Teaching and Learning
Miss S Marsden – Pastoral
Mr J Woolven – Curriculum
SENDCo Mrs J MacDonald-Fawcett
Head of Year 7 and Transition Mrs M Button
Subject Leader (English) Mrs A Mellor
Subject Leader (Maths and Numeracy) Mr R Battle
Subject Leader (Science) Miss S Marsden
Subject Leader (Humanities) Mr J Woolven
Subject Leader (Physical) Mr T Baillie
Subject Leader (MFL) Mrs K Morton
Subject Leader (Creative Arts) Miss P Nice
Teacher Miss E Isaac
Teacher Mr D Renwick
Teacher Mrs J MacDonald-Fawcett
Teacher Mrs L Myatt
Teacher Mr M Creed
Teacher Mrs H Reed
Teacher Mr M Connell-Smith
Teacher Miss K Miller
Teacher Ms N Moe
Teacher Ms K Jillings
Teacher Mr D O’Neil
Teacher Mrs T Kirk
Teacher Miss C Lomas
Teacher Mrs S Wooliams
Teacher Mrs R Hodes
Teacher Mr D Velasco
Teacher Miss J Davey
Teacher Mr M Becker
Teacher Miss E Swain

Support Staff

Science Technician Mrs M Allen
Mr M Turner
Pastoral Support Officer for Upper School (Y9, Y10 and Y11) Miss K Howes
Pastoral Support Assistant for Lower School (Y7 and Y8) Ms H Coles
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (General) Miss L Skudder
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (General) Mr N Phillips
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (General) Mrs S Costello
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (General) Mrs S Thompson
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (General) Mr H Carey
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (General) Ms S Page
School Administration Manager Mrs S Robbins
Exams Officer Mrs E Lamming
Receptionist Mrs L Furneaux
Administration Assistant Miss J Furneaux
Caretaker Mr A Rodway
Lettings Co-ordinator Mr J Maynard
Cleaning Team Mrs S Walker
Mr A Forster
Ms H Thompson
Ms M Norcott
Chef Mr A Spragg
General Catering Assistants Ms K Zatlokiewicz
Mrs A Brown
Ms L Hadley
Ms R Lambert
Ms T Spruce
Mr T Parfect
Invigilators Mrs Mitchell-Cotts
Mrs N Fox
Mrs T Gant
Mr S Lovett
Mrs P Wake
Mrs M Fares
Mrs Margaret Bampton
Mrs Carol Smith
Mrs A White
Minibus Drivers Mr T Lewis
Mr J Maynard
Mr P Wilkinson
Mr T Darvill
Ms R Mackenzie
Mr A Hume