Performance Data

Saxmundham Free School had Year 11 students for the first time in the academic year 2014-15. Students took their first GCSEs  in 2015. Performance Data can be found on the below link and at the bottom of this page and is also available on the following websites:

The school was inspected by Ofsted in May 2014, and again in March 2018. To read both inspection reports, please click here.

Story behind the 2017 examination results:- Our Best GCSE Results so far…

Although not a direct comparison, the results clearly show that GCSE performance has increased at Saxmundham Free School by 28% in 2017 compared to 2016.

Progress for English and maths is incredibly strong and significantly above National outcomes, with 89% achieving a grade 4 or above in English and 73% achieving a grade 4 or above in maths.

Progress 8 is extremely strong, with early data indicating that students have achieved half a grade higher at Saxmundham Free School, when compared to other schools. P8 = 0.46. This is a significant improvement on last year and particularly pleasing when you look at the progress of individual groups at the end of this document.

Attainment Headline Data (Current Measures) for Y11 Cohort:

Measure FFT5 Target FFT20 Target 2017  Results
P8 n/a n/a +0.46*
A8 n/a n/a 45.4
4+ English & Maths n/a n/a 65%
5+ Engish & Maths 32% 26% 41%
EBacc n/a n/a 19%

3 Year Trend:

Measure 2014/15 2015/6 2016/7
Time students were at SFS 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years
Cohort 49 27 37
APS on Entry (National) 25.4 (27.6) 24.2 (27.6) 26.3 (28.5)
P8 -0.01 -0.18 0.48
A8 39 42 45.26
4+ English & Maths 30% 37% 65%
5+ Engish & Maths n/a n/a 45%
5A*-C (EM) 29% 37% 55%
EBacc 19% 16% 19% (51% entered)
Destinations 100% 100% 100%

National Picture:

Subject: Saxmundham Free School National: Diff: Sch v Nat
English Language (4+) 89% 62.1% 26.9%
English Literature (4+) 76% 72.6% 3.4%
Maths (4+) 73% 59.4% 13.6%
Top Grades EM – 7+ 19% 20% -1%
Eng & Maths 4+ 65% 66.3% -1.3%
Eng & Maths 5+ 45%  TBC


English Maths EBacc Open A8 P8
A8 P8 A8 P8 A8 P8 A8 P8 Overall
5.4 1.06 4.2 0.42 4.1 0.48 4.8 0.2 45.3 0.5
Grade 5+ Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4+


English Maths EBacc Open A8 P8
A8 P8 A8 P8 A8 P8 A8 P8 Overall
4.5 -0.11 4 0.1 4.1 0.44 3.6 -1.06 40 -0.18
Grade 4+ Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 3+

Individually students have achieved really well, below are our highest performers; but the real story is the amazing performance of the key groups and particularly those disadvantaged or low ability students who made excellent progress throughout their time at Saxmundham Free School.

Mark Spicer
Mark achieved the following: English grade 8, Maths grade 8, 2A*’s, 3A’s, a grade 7(A) and 2 B’s. Mark is an exceptional student at Saxmundham Free School. He is quietly determined and has shown the upmost respect to his peers and staff. He has very high expectations and this has certainly delivered. Not only did he achieve this set of highly academic results he successfully achieved his bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Faye Hickey-Martin
Faye achieved the following: English grade 7, Maths grade 7, 2A*’s, 5A’s. Having only joined us at the beginning of KS4, Faye has shown relentless determination and resilience to achieve this set of results. Faye will be attending Colchester Royal Grammar School to start her A Level courses in September. We are really proud of her and are confident these results will continue for her future.

Edward Paulley
Edward achieved the following: English grade 6, Maths grade 8, 2A*’s, 4A’s. As Deputy Head Boy last year, Edward has not only worked hard for his personal achievements, but has also been a very successful ambassador for the school. He is an active member of the Combined Cadet Force at Saxmundham Free School. Edward is a talented orator and used this to represent the school within debating which I hope he continues to do within his future.

Nastya in Year 8 gained an A* in Russian scoring 281/300 marks