Homework for 2 March 2018 – All Students

Good Morning,

As promised, I am delighted to be able to confirm that teachers have updated ‘Show My Homework’ and ‘GCSEPOD’ with work specific to each teaching group and each subject.

Please see the list below with all the work listed from Year 11 – Year 7.

Below is also a list of additional websites recommended by staff to support students learning. These are excellent for Year 11 students as part of their everyday revision programme.

See you all on Monday 5 March at 08.30am

Mr Lees


Class:  Subject:  Teacher:  Specific Work: 
11A & 11B  Science  MCO  Biology Paper 1 Revision and Mock Practice Paper. 
11A & 11C  Science  SMA  SMHW & mygcsescience.com 
11A & 11B  English  AME  Work on SMHW 
11A  Maths  RBA  Histograms 
11A  History  EIS  SMHW 
11B  History  EIS  Fall of Cromwell 
11A  Maths  RBA  Mr Barton Maths 
11C  English  RHO  Creative Writing 
Year 11  French  KMO/SWO  Complete School Booklet 
Year 11  Drama  JMA  SMHW 
Year 11  Geography  CLO/JWO  CLO – RAP 

JWO – Theme 3 Revision Booklet 

Year 11  Maths  MBU  Corbett Maths 
Year 11  Computer Science  NMO  GCSE POD 
Year 10  Geography  CLO  SMHW 
Year 10  Geography  JWO  Theme 1 Revsion Booklet 
10A & 10B  Maths  MBU  SHHW 
10A   Maths   MCR  Topical revision PDF and Mathsbot 
11B  Maths  MCR  Topic review PDF and Mathsbot 
8M2  Maths  MCR  Review PDF – area of shapes 
9M2  Maths  MCR  Review PDF – internal angles of polygons 
9M3  Maths  MCR  Review PDF-expand and factorise 
10A & 10B  History  EIS  Czech uprising in 1968 
10B  Maths  RBA  March Maths Calendar 
10A  Science  MCO  Pre-Learning Chemistry – Chemical Changes, Revisit Chemistry  Bonding 


10C  French  SWO  Revise for Speaking Assessment 
10C  English  JMA  SHHW 
10B  Science  KMI  Photosynthesis 
9M1  Science  KMI  Chemical Bonding 
9M1  Maths  RBA  Corbett Maths 
9M1  English  AME  Work on SMHW 
9M2  English  JDA  World Book Day – Book Review 

HW – Spellings 

9M2  Science  MCO  Pre-Learning on GCSEPods.  Plant Tissues, Organs and System 
9M3  Science  MCO  Pre-Learning on GCSEPods.  Plant Tissues, Organs and System 
9A  Maths  RBA  SMHW 
9M3  English  RHO  SMHW 
9M3  Maths  RBA  Mr Carter Maths 
Year 9 (M1, M2, M3)  History  MBE  Battle of Britain 
Year 8 (m2, M3)  Geography  MBE  Amazonian Rainforest 
8A  English  RHO  SMHW 
8A  Science  MCO  Pre-Learning on GCSEPods – Reflection and Refraction 
8M1  English  JDA  World Book Day – Book Review 

HW – Spellings 

Year 7  English  DON  Writing 
Year 7  History  CLO  Medieval England 
Year 8  English  DON  Transactional / Narrative Writing 
Year 9  English  DON 
Year 10  English  DON 
Years 7, 8 & 9  French  SWO  Vocab revision for assessments next week 
Year 7, 8 & 9  Maths  NMO  Homework Due