Cross Trust Competition – “Lightning Chess”

A group of students from Saxmundham Free School (pictured above) who had been selected to represent the school, travelled over to Beccles Free School on Thursday 11 December, to take on both Beccles and Ixworth in the latest Cross Trust Competition, “Lightning Chess”.

The “Lightning Chess” tournament saw each player play four games against players from the other two schools, with each match-up lasting a maximum of seven minutes; a giant countdown clock on the big screen added to the tension of the competition. Student adjudicators were on hand to keep scores during the matches, with the winning player being decided by either beating their opponent with a “checkmate” SAM_3366or by having the greater amount of points at the end of the seven minutes. Points were awarded depending on how many opposition pieces were captured, with the valuable Queen receiving the most points for a player.

All the points were added up at the end, and the winning students in each year group were as follows:
Year 7 – Rowan Mitchell-Cotts (SAM_3352Saxmundham) and James Larder (Ixworth)
Year 8 – Daniel Sillett (Ixworth) and Domanik Watts (Ixworth)
Year 9 – Campion  Mitchell-Cotts (Saxmundham) and Tim Chester (Ixworth)

The bragging rights for the overall winners went to Team Ixworth who amassed an amazing 34 wins and took home the shield to proudly display in their school.
Congratulations to all of the individual winners as well and a big well done to everyone who took part from all the schools, you really did your schools proud, throughout a keenly fought contest.
Finally, a big thank you to the Beccles staff for hosting the event and we are now looking forward to the next Cross Trust Competition, “Fame Lab” to be hosted by Ixworth in the new year, ready to compete with you all again!