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Message from the Headteacher

Thank you for your interest in Saxmundham Free School. It is with great pride that I welcome you to our website and hope that this will encourage you to come and visit our school for yourselves.

As Headteacher what I most want to tell you about is the feel of the school, its ethos and the philosophy which will underpin its success.

After their first visit to Saxmundham Free School, there are three things people often say to me – how tangible our school ethos is, how distinctive the school is and how pioneering we are. Imagine, then, how positive that environment is for the students who attend and study here. 

Yes, we are hugely ambitious academically for our students; we want them to secure results that will enable them to go on to the world’s best universities and on to careers of significance, influence and service. But we also want them to live lives which are personally and socially fulfilling. In the time students are at Saxmundham Free School, we can develop within them a love for art, music, dance, performing and culture through our strong enrichment programme, which will enhance the whole of their lives.


It was a great pleasure to welcome Ofsted into our school on May 21 and 22, I was particularly keen to see if they agreed with all the positive comments made to me about our school. Not only did they agree and quantified that Saxmundham Free School was a ‘Good School’, they also stated that the Behaviour and Safety and the Leadership and Management of students was ‘Outstanding’. Please enjoy the summary of comments below (all quotes are from Ofsted 2014) and do go and read the full Ofsted Report for yourself at link

  •        "Outstanding leadership has resulted in the creation of a highly cohesive school community. The            school’s leaders communicate a sense of ambition that is reinforced and shared by all.”


  •       “The behaviour of students is outstanding.”


  •       “The school’s work to keep students safe and secure is outstanding. Students say they feel                  extremely safe at school and that teachers know them well and care about them.”

  •       “Students are exceptionally polite, courteous and welcoming. Students wear their uniform with             pride and treat the school buildings, and all those who work within them, with respect at all                 times. The school site is exceptionally clean and tidy.”

  •       “The school’s work to keep students safe and secure is outstanding. Students say they feel                  extremely safe at school and that teachers know them well and care about them.”

  •        “Leaders have set clear expectations and have reinforced these consistently; they have also                 worked carefully with students who find it difficult to manage their own behaviour. As a result,             excellent conduct is the norm.”

  •        “Students arrive at lessons well-equipped and ready to learn; they respond with enthusiasm to             the different approaches that teachers use and the high expectations they set.”

  •        “Students are well-prepared for the next stage in their education and for later life. Many who               have struggled to achieve highly in their previous schools are making rapid progress.”

The school ethos is based on the ‘6Cs to Success’ (Co-operation, Commitment, Confidence, Community, Challenge and Celebration). These provide the basis for both staff and students and along with our School and Trust motto of “providing a foundation for life”. The Ofsted report highlights how the 6C’s are an integral part of our school community and embedded in everyday life at Saxmundham Free School.

 Cooperation “The teacher’s expertise and careful planning, and the impeccable behaviour of all students allowed them to learn and use new techniques, and receive feedback about their progress, during a single lesson.”

Commitment “They (students) demonstrate a thirst for knowledge and a strong desire to learn. The extended length of the school day means that there is time for students to engage in a wide range of additional activities, including French cooking, Young Enterprise, dance, debating and drama. Some of the time is used to provide catch-up sessions in literacy and numeracy, or allow students to take additional GCSEs, such as in computing. Students appreciate these opportunities, which promote their personal development well.”

Confidence “Students regularly read confidently in class, and individuals whose reading ages are low receive targeted additional support. Teachers of mathematics are working with others to make sure students can apply the mathematical skills that they learn in their other subjects. Monitoring shows that students are making improved progress as a result of these approaches.”

Community “Students from all backgrounds socialise well together during break and lunch periods. All have lunch with their teachers in the restaurant and several said that this helps make the school community feel like ‘a big family’. They appreciate the ability to contribute to the development of the school by serving as prefects or ‘student ambassadors’.”

Challenge – “Governors have a secure understanding of performance data, and challenge senior leaders effectively. Flexible and imaginative teaching arrangements help to ensure that individuals receive the support they need. Students appreciate their teachers’ secure subject knowledge and clarity about how particular activities will help them reach their next target.”

Celebration They (students) spoke with evident pride about their ‘Saxmundham Hero’ badges, awarded for progress, and told inspectors they were motivated by the recognition of their achievements and the school’s reward system. Students who spoke with inspectors were keen to talk about their progress, and their enjoyment of the many opportunities the school offers them, such as drama productions and sporting activities. They appreciate the ability to contribute to the development of the school by serving as prefects or ‘student ambassadors’.”

I am very proud of our students and staff at Saxmundham Free School. It is a school where everyone feels valued, their achievements are recognised and they feel safe to achieve.

I would invite you to come and visit the school and see this for yourself as a prospective parent / carer.

This term we will be adding events to our website as they are confirmed.

It has been a truly wonderful two terms as Headteacher and I have very much appreciated the continuous support of parent / carers  shown towards the school, through attending events and giving your views at the appropriate forums as well as the way in which you support your sons and daughters to achieve their very best.

If any prospective parent / carer would like to visit the school then please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01728 633910 or via the email address enquiries@saxmundhamfreeschool.org.uk.

Please visit the Saxmundham Free School blog for the latest news about our school and Key Documents for our latest School Newsletter.

David Lees


"The headteacher and other senior leaders demonstrate a relentless drive to accelerate the progress, and improve the achievement of each and every student at the school. They are determined to remove any barrier that might prevent any student from reaching their full potential, and to encourage all to aspire to excellence. Other members of staff share this drive and determination.” Ofsted 2014



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